Ranching and Conservation Specialist, WHSRN Executive Office

Joaquín Aldabe

Joaquín Aldabe, from Uruguay, joined the WHSRN Executive Office as Conservation Specialist to develop a hemispheric program on shorebird conservation in grasslands and rangelands.  Joaquin also supports data analysis and modeling to evaluate population trends and habitat-bird relationships on WHSRN sites to support habitat management.

Through rigorous scientific work and innovative media, Joaquin works with rural producers to generate alternative management proposals. His work combines field ornithology, ecology, statistic modeling, agrarian sciences, and rural extension.

Joaquin has been working on shorebird conservation for 15 years. He was part of the promoting team of Alianza del Pastizal (Southern Cone Grasslands Alliance), and was the first national coordinator of this initiative for five years. He has worked on more than 20 research and bird conservation projects,. He was Conservation Director at Aves de Uruguay, the Birdlife partner in Uruguay for seven years. In that role, Joaquin also served as the coordinator for the  Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBA). He has been professor and researcher at the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay for 10 years

Joaquin holds a degree on Biological Sciences, a master’s degree on Ecology and Evolution, and currently is working on his Ph.D. on Agrarian Sciences. He was recently incorporated in the Uruguayan National System of Researchers.