Landbird Conservation


Manomet believes people become better stewards of our world when they increase their knowledge of scientific methodologies, natural systems and climate change.


People are detached from nature more than ever before because of our reliance on technology. We are losing touch with the significant effects of climate change in our own back yards. Birds have long been popular and sensitive indicators of environmental change and can help illustrate these wide ranging changes.  




We combine our long term landbird migration data with nature-based learning opportunities to create powerful educational experiences for people of all ages. Our landbird banding lab maintains a 50 year dataset that shows how people can use science as a catalyst for effective conservation. 




Research: We continue to build our long term migration dataset and share our data with academics, governments and businesses to help illustrate long and short term biological changes. 


Education: We use nature and science to educate students of all ages, from Massachusetts to the rainforest of Central America.

Current Projects