Manomet’s U360 is engaging the next generation in creating a more sustainable world.  Join us on May 3 in Boston to be inspired by their vision for the future!

The next generation is ready to handle the complex problems of tomorrow. Don’t believe us? Join Manomet and see first-hand how the next generation is rising to the challenges of creating a sustainable planet, with successful, thriving businesses.

Three U360 students will be invited to our Manomet Business Sustainability Student Competition in Boston on Thursday, May 3. Each student will present a Sustainability Action Plan to a panel of esteemed business leaders and will face tough questions about their plans from the panelists and audience. The panelists will select the best presentation to receive the Manomet “Next Generation Award” and a $1000 scholarship to further their education.

This evening will leave you feeling hopeful for the future; don’t miss it!

The judges and winner from the 2017 Business Sustainability Student Competition. From left to right: Quincy Miller, President, Eastern Bank; John Hagan, President, Manomet; Spring 2017 U360 Next Generation Award Winner Nick Masiello, University of Vermont; Rich Grogan, State Director, NHSBDC; Jed Davis, Director of Sustainability, Cabot Creamery Co-operative and Dean Steeger, Manomet Board Chair and B. R. Alexander & Co., Inc.

What is U360?

U360 creates full-circle learning between seasoned business leaders and the next generation of “sustainable entrepreneurs.” Manomet is at the center of this circle; facilitating the conversation, and providing sustainability tools to the people who can make change happen today and tomorrow.

U360 helps students understand the practical challenges of applying general sustainability principles to a specific situation. Students also develop essential workplace and career skills, gain real-world experience, and begin building their network of professional contacts.

Why should you attend?

If you’re a business owner, this event is a chance to network with Boston-area business leaders before and after the student presentations. During the presentations, students will be sharing a wide variety of practices that will be applicable to any business. Plus, one of these entrepreneurial students might just be your next employee or colleague!

Interested in sponsoring this event?

Our U360 Business Sustainability Student Competition is a great opportunity to support our work at Manomet and to show that your business believes in the ‘next generation.’  In addition to knowing that you are helping to build a more sustainable tomorrow, there are a number of other benefits that come from being a Manomet corporate partner, such as providing a motivating purpose for your employees; boosting employee engagement, morale, and retention; and attracting positive media attention that helps you earn a reputation as a forward-thinking organization.   Download our Corporate Sponsorship Brochure for more information or contact our Vice President of Mission Advancement Cheryl Botieri at for more information.

Watch and learn from last year’s competition

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