On Saturday, May 4, the Massachusetts Young Birders will be participating in Big Day Boston. We will trek around Boston trying to find as many species as we can and we need your help! Join us for this friendly birding competition taking place from 9:30am – 4:30pm all around the City.

MYBC participated last year and saw over 25 different species of birds! We will begin our day at Copp’s Hill Terrace and work our way to Paul Revere Park, North Point Park, the Teddy Ebersol Baseball Fields, The Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston Public Gardens and Commons and then towards Nashua Street Park and back to Copp’s Hill Terrace! Want a T-shirt to commemorate the day? If you bring a blank tee to Copp’s Hill Terrace, you can get it screen printed with the Big Day Boston 2024 logo!
In total, we will walk about five miles. We will take many breaks, stop for lunch, and have lots of snacks and water available throughout the day. For a detailed description of our walking route please see the route directions and estimated times below. For a general idea of our walking route, click here!

If you are not able to join us for the entire walk, feel free to meet up with us for portions of the journey. See the estimated times and distances between locations below for when we plan on birding in each location. We will give ourselves lots of extra time between stops because, of course, google time estimates doesn’t incorporate birding time!