About Us

At Manomet, we believe people can live and work today in ways that will enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow. 


As scientists we understand we must take action to sustain our world.


By applying science and engaging people, Manomet provides practical ways to act—where people live and work.


Manomet is a leader in the path to sustainability—and we’re working with people in four major life-supporting systems: natural, forest, food, and economic. How we manage the critical systems that support life on earth will need to be transformed in the next two decades.


We focus our work on the parts of the system where we can have measurable impact and opportunity for scale. Manomet makes it possible for the people who manage these systems to change them.


Manomet’s approach is different—

We effect meaningful change by engaging the people who manage these systems.


» We LISTEN—Manomet develops strong relationships with partners and stakeholders.


» We UNDERSTAND—Manomet works closely with people to discover their needs.


» We Are SCIENTISTS—Manomet conducts and applies science to inform change.


» We Make Change POSSIBLE—Manomet provides practical solutions to complex problems.



At Manomet we believe people can.





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