Manomet has a distinctive approach to tackling complex problems like shorebird conservation, fisheries restoration, and climate change.

We lead with relationships, then follow with science.

You see, we’ve learned that building relationships helps put science into practice. After all, once people have forged a relationship and established trust, they become open to new information, new ideas, and seeing the world differently.

So, every day we build relationships with new partners, then work side-by-side to make the world a measurably better place, using science. It takes work to build these relationships. But once built, there’s no problem that can’t be solved.

It may seem paradoxical for a science-based organization such as Manomet to recognize human relationships as the essential ingredient to putting science to use.

But, this relationship-building is core to Manomet’s programs. It’s the common thread. It’s the magic of Manomet.

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