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Assessing Intertidal Populations of the Invasive European Green Crab

The Manomet Team | September 18, 2020

Manomet’s intertidal green crab protocol, often conducted with students and citizen scientists, was recently published in the Journal for Visualized Experiments. This protocol...

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Natural System / Scientific Papers

Annual adult survival drives trends in Arctic-breeding shorebirds but knowledge gaps in other vital rates remain

The Manomet Team | June 23, 2020

Manomet's Stephen Brown contributed to this paper published in The Condor which shows that annual adult survival rates for shorebirds were strongly linked...

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Natural System / Scientific Papers

Non-parallel changes in songbird migration timing are not explained by changes in stopover duration

The Manomet Team | May 19, 2020

By analyzing Manomet's data set from our banding lab, Trevor Lloyd-Evans and other researchers found spring migration duration is static, but fall migration...

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Nonconsumptive effects of a range‐expanding predator on juvenile lobster (Homarus americanus) population dynamics

The Manomet Team | October 22, 2019

Dr. Marissa McMahan is a lead author on this paper about the effects of sea bass on the behavior of juvenile American lobsters (Homarus...

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