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Understanding Whimbrel Declines

The Manomet Team | April 19, 2019

Shorebirds are some of the most migratory animals on the planet. Even the smallest shorebirds have the capacity to fly nonstop over countries...

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In American oystercatcher recovery, partners mean business

The Manomet Team | April 17, 2019

In less than a decade, the oystercatcher population has increased 23 percent as a result of strategic investments and action — early intervention...

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How eating sea bass and crab can help Maine lobstermen

The Manomet Team | April 7, 2019

By learning about New England's diverse ecosystem and by eating the fish and shellfish that are adapting to our warming waters, you can...

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Red Knots – El Diario Mercurio

The Manomet Team | March 22, 2019

WHSRN's Diego Luna Quevedo was quoted in this article from El Diario Mercurio about protecting key sites for migration for the Red Knot.

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Emerging Challenges Stemming from Ports and Shipping for Shorebirds

Danielle Sarmir | November 30, 2018

WHSRN Executive Office's Diego Luna Quevedo and Bird Studies Canada's David Bradley discussed the challenges and opportunities with shipping and shorebirds in this article originally published...

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Whimbrels on the Wing

This is the story of three individual Whimbrels and their journeys.

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