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Coping with crisis: how scientists are making an invasive crab a delicacy

The Manomet Team | June 20, 2019

The Guardian spent a day with Manomet's Marissa McMahan to learn about our approach to the invasive green crab.

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Meet the NJ volunteers who help rescue horseshoe crabs

The Manomet Team | June 4, 2019

News 12 New Jersey visited reTURN the Favor volunteers on Delaware Bay. reTURN the Favor, co-coordinated by the WHSRN Executive Office, is a...

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As oceans heat up, the types of seafood we eat will change

The Manomet Team | May 29, 2019

Read about Manomet's green crab work in the June issue of Eating Well magazine.

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Nesting season not only for turtles

The Manomet Team | April 30, 2019

Manomet's Abby Sterling shared with the Georgia Sea Turtle Cooperative and The Brunswick News some of the best ways to protect shorebird nests...

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As Pilgrim Powers Down, Some Worry It Will Leave Behind Too Much Radiation

The Manomet Team | April 25, 2019

As Plymouth’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station prepares to shut down, WBUR examines the impacts on wildlife, water, and land. Trevor Lloyd-Evans discusses Manomet’s...

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