On December 2nd, at our annual Winterfest at MIT’s Endicott House, Manomet Trustees and Councilors welcomed special project partners from the Recovery of the American Oystercatcher and the Heal Eddy Restoration Project. This celebratory event is an opportunity for our guests to learn the latest on Manomet’s work straight from the source—our staff. And staff look forward to this event all year to share our successes with those who made them happen.


While our project partners graciously praised the impact Manomet is having on the soft-shell clam industry in Maine and the range-wide recovery of the American Oystercatcher, this event is a moment for us to pause and turn the spotlight on our Trustees, Councilors, and key supporters and thank them for allowing this work to be possible. Without them, and supporters like you, Manomet staff would not be in the field making a measurable improvement in the sustainability of our grocery stores, forests, small businesses, shorebird habitat, agriculture, and fisheries.


Please enjoy some selected pictures from the event on our Facebook Page:


Winterfest is an annual celebratory event that we look forward to every year. It’s is an opportunity for our guests to…

Posted by Manomet on Wednesday, December 16, 2015