Sustainability – especially in the context of climate change – is on the minds of business leaders across industries and regions. Many companies are adapting their strategies and their supply chains to be more resilient to water shortages, extreme weather and unpredictable resources.


But what exactly motivates forward thinking companies to embrace sustainability? How does the rationale differ for investment firms, large companies and small businesses?


More importantly, can we use that knowledge to accelerate the adoption of sustainability practices on a much larger scale?


On May 22, Manomet will hold a panel discussion in Boston to explore these very issues – with perspective from the people who are driving change on the ground.


Join Manomet President John Hagan and a panel of business leaders – Skip Bennett, owner, Island Creek Oysters, Jed Davis, director of sustainability for Cabot Creamery Cooperative, Bruce Kahn, portfolio manager, Sustainable Insight Capital Management, Jim Solomon, owner of the Fireplace Restaurant, and Andy Whitman, director of Manomet Sustainable Economies Program – to discuss what prompts these business leaders to pursue sustainability.


The panel will also explore how nonprofits and government agencies can use the knowledge from these trailblazers to help other companies achieve their sustainability goals.


To register for the event, click here.


For more information about the event, please contact Johanna Lawrence at or 508-224-6521, ext. 237. 


Dave McGlinchey