Eric Walberg

Senior Program Leader, Climate Services

Since late 2019, Manomet’s Climate Services Program has been working with partners Southeast Region Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD), the Horsley Witten Group, The Nature Conservancy, and Mass Audubon to address flooding and habitat restoration concerns in the Assawompset Ponds Complex (APC). The first phase of the effort is drawing to a close; we are excited to update you on our progress thus far and plans for follow-on work.

Plymouth Gentian; Source:

The APC is the largest natural freshwater lake in Massachusetts and is the drinking water supply for both Taunton and New Bedford. The region surrounding the ponds is rich in biodiversity and contains several species of conservation concern such as the Plymouth gentian. The area is also one of the most productive Bald Eagle nesting sites in the state. The watershed is also host to increasing residential development that has the potential to both exacerbate flooding and further impact important habitat.

Manomet’s contribution to the effort centers on identification of opportunities for wetland restoration in the APC watershed that have the potential to reduce floods and increase habitat value. Inputs to the analysis include soils data, topography, and information on critical habitats.