Manomet is on the ground working to build a better, more sustainable world by applying science and engaging people. As a Manomet supporter, you don’t have to look far to see examples of the work that you’re making possible and the impact that we’re having by working together.

Take for instance Manomet’s Arctic Field Research. We know that shorebird populations are declining dramatically, but what’s unclear is exactly why. With your support, Manomet scientists are in the field collecting important data on shorebird abundance and distribution in remote areas like the North Slope of Alaska. In fact, you may have seen Manomet’s research that established the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska as one of the most important areas for aquatic birds in the Arctic referenced in a recent New York Times article. Research like this helps us understand Arctic habitat and its vulnerability to climate change, which offers hope of unlocking the mysteries of declining shorebird populations.

Students and researchers at Heal Eddy.


In Maine, we’re working to help fishermen adapt to the invasive green crab species that’s proliferating in the warming Gulf of Maine and decimating the local soft-shell clam industry. The Heal Eddy Clam Farm, profiled last year in DownEast Magazine, is the state’s first commercial-scale soft-shell clam farm; it uses a farming method designed to protect clams from the green crab using industrial netting. Manomet’s research is helping coastal towns in Maine learn about soft-shell clam farming and the effectiveness of the process.


Speaking of the invasive green crab, Manomet’s soft-shell green crab work aims to create a mechanism for controlling green crab populations while also creating a value-added product and a source of economic opportunity for fishermen. Looking ahead, we’re partnering with the New Hampshire Sea Grant and the Green Crab R&D Project to co-host the first ever Green Crab Working Summit. The summit will bring together fishermen, chefs, consumers, anyone in the seafood industry, regulators, scientists, and educators who have been thinking about, studying or already fishing for, or eating green crabs to strategize on how to develop a viable fishery and markets for this invasive crab.


As a Manomet supporter, you know how important it is for us to engage the next generation of leaders. With our U360 program, which was awarded a 2017 Source Award by the Portland Press Herald, we’re doing just that. Through this program, college students are broadening their understanding of sustainability and helping apply what they learn to small businesses across the United States. These students develop essential career skills, gain real-world experience, and deepen their knowledge of sustainability issues, while small business owners get help making their business more sustainable. It’s a win-win!


This is what you make possible when you support Manomet. You are helping us make a difference by building relationships, using science to develop practical solutions to complex problems, and creating a network of change to make our world a measurably better place.


We hope you will continue to support our work by making a gift to the Manomet Annual Fund. There is still so much to be done, and achieving the goal of a sustainable future is only possible when we all work together.