Manomet’s approach to complex problems—whether shorebird conservation or fisheries restoration or climate change—is to build relationships of trust with people in a position to put science to use. We are so grateful for our corporate partners who are helping us create a better future and publicly demonstrating their support for conservation and sustainability.

We rely on funding from our supporters—individuals, foundations, and corporations—to fulfill our work of creating a sustainable world. Businesses support Manomet in a number of ways, such as providing financial support for our programs, sponsoring events like our U360 Business Sustainability Student Competition, and even offering services and products as in-kind contributions.

You are invited to support Manomet’s work as a corporate partner! In addition to knowing that you are helping to build a more sustainable tomorrow, there are a number of other benefits that come from being a Manomet corporate partner, such as providing a motivating purpose for your employees; boosting employee engagement, morale, and retention; and attracting positive media attention that helps you earn a reputation as a forward-thinking organization.

Our U360 Business Sustainability Student Competition, taking place Thursday, May 3, at The Downtown Harvard Club of Boston is a great opportunity to support our work at Manomet and to show that your business believes in the ‘next generation.’  Manomet’s U360 internship program trains college students in practical sustainability through real-life engagement with small and medium-sized businesses. U360 interns develop vital career skills, gain real-world experience, and learn about small business management. Manomet will be hosting 150+ Boston area business owners and managers, academics and engaged citizens to watch the three top students from our U360 program present a Sustainability Action Plan for a small business. A panel of esteemed business leaders will select the best presentation to receive the Manomet “Next Generation Award” and a $1000 scholarship to further their education.  Learn more about corporate sponsorship opportunities with this event.

Quincy Miller, President, Eastern Bank was a judge at last year’s competition and said this about his experience: “I’m so impressed by the students’ ability to connect sustainability and the triple bottom with the success of small business owners. Their insight into how to drive sustainability really hit all of the core levels of success for a small business—employee engagement, efficiency, targeted revenue opportunities—and tied them together with how to sustainably support our environment and future generations to come.”

Working with our partners, Manomet proves time and time again that solutions to any problem are possible. Are you ready to help us change the world? Contact Cheryl Botieri, Vice President of Mission Advancement, at (508) 224-6521, ext. 229 or to find out how we can work together to engage your company and employees to sustain our world.