When thinking of the future, we have to consider the next generation of leaders and what rides on the decisions they will make. Through Manomet’s Climate Lab, we’re preparing middle school students to understand how climate will change the communities they live in—and how important it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


With donations from people like you, Manomet has partnered with curriculum experts at TERC in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to address this need. The project teaches students to collect and analyze data on biological indicators of climate change in natural habitats in, or near, their schoolyards.


Students develop increased knowledge of local natural systems and the impacts of climate change—such as when leaf-out occurs year-to-year. They also learn the scientific method while contributing to an interactive database on local climate change used by our scientists.


Watch Our Leaf Out Video.


Since our successful pilot in 2013, we’ve gone from 18 to 27 teachers trained and from 482 to approximately 650 seventh and eighth graders participating this school year. Through partnerships with conservation biology organizations similar to Manomet, Climate Lab will expand the development and testing of this special curriculum to Baltimore, Maryland, and San Francisco, California, next year. 


The prestigious National Science Foundation has acknowledged Climate Lab’s significance in the space of climate change education and recently awarded grant funding. This funding supports our continued implementation of the program on a small scale and the evaluation of student and teacher responses. Modifications to the curriculum and field techniques are based on these responses. Our goal is to continue scaling-up and take Climate Lab to a national scale within three years.


We can’t get there without you and the future generation of decision makers is counting on us. At Manomet we believe people can live and work today in ways that enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow—but we need your support.


Please make your tax deductible, year-end donation to Manomet today.


Watch Our PACTV Video On Climate Lab


Interested In Participating In Climate Lab?


At the moment, we are not able to add more school districts during this critical testing stage. However, if you are interested in participating in the near future we would love to know.  Please send inquiries to Evan Dalton at edalton@manomet.org.