Meet Steve Fulmer Manomet’s new Director of Individual Giving 

Steve Fulmer joined Manomet as the Director of Individual Giving on leap year, February 29. Unfortunately, he will not have a work anniversary at Manomet until 2020.  However, we plan on keeping him so busy we don’t think he will notice.


Steve is responsible for our major gifts program, and gets to do what comes naturally to him—sincere conversations and being a good listener. With that skillset finely honed, Steve has already been sitting down with our dedicated donor base and has a concrete plan for expanding our community of supporters. With more than fifteen years as a non-profit fundraiser, Steve will help take the Manomet vision to reality. 


Steve came to be a fundraiser the same way most fundraisers do—in that it was more of a discovery than an intentional path.  When he was in sales he enjoyed the process and the work, and found he was pretty good at it. The satisfaction was missing when it came to his lack of interest in the corporate bottom line. Mission is what drew Steve to the non-profit sector. As he puts it, “In the non-profit world, fundraisers are the sales force that feed mission—not profits.” 


With a curiosity and passion for the natural world, Steve was further drawn to the environmental non-profit sector, and he counts himself lucky to have made a career working for organizations that he believes in and finds deeply interesting. When it comes to Manomet, he was impressed with our rich history and sees Manomet as an important organization with a bright future. “I am just thrilled to be a part of it,” Steve shared.





In his downtime you might run into Steve fly-fishing or maybe jogging around his home base of Duxbury and the surrounding bays of Plymouth. He appreciates the abundant fish and diverse marine habitats that make it a wonderful place to call home. “Being able to get out on the water at sunrise, spend a couple of hours fishing and still start a workday before 9:00 is not too bad,” Steve mused.


Please join us in welcoming our latest member to the Development Department, where he is already proving himself to be an invaluable asset.