The Manomet Center announced this week that Mirta Carbajal, of Argentina, is the winner of the 2014 Pablo Canevari Memorial Award.


The award was given in recognition of Carbajal’s pioneering work in promoting shorebird conservation in the Americas. She has shown an extraordinary dedication to research, environmental education, and creating awareness and pride of shorebirds within her community of San Antonio Oeste, Argentina.


“Mirta has for many years worked tirelessly and with great personal commitment and passion for the conservation of shorebirds in Argentina,” said Dr. Rob Clay, director of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN) Executive Office. “As such, the committee felt she truly captures the spirit of the Pablo Canevari Award. It’s a great honor for me, as I start my new role as Director, to have the opportunity to take part in recognizing Mirta in this way.”


The award also recognizes her valuable work as president of the nongovernmental organization Inalafquen Foundation, her involvement in the designation and stewardship of the Bahia de San Antonio WHSRN site, and her service as a representative of the site on the Argentine National WHSRN Council. Carbajal was recently selected to serve as the Council’s president.


In thanking the Manomet Center for this award, Carbajal said she has learned a lot from shorebirds.


“Associating in large flocks offers us different perspectives and experiences, important for finding answers to problems we face; borders are to be crossed, keeping us united; and those that return show us the possibility of achieving what seemed impossible,” Carbajal said.  “How could I not work to conserve such wonderful creatures?”


The award is named after Pablo Canevari, the first director of the WHSRN Executive Office, which is operated by the Manomet Center. Born in Argentina, he is particularly remembered for his dedication, extraordinary enthusiasm, and personal and professional commitment to shorebird conservation in the Americas.


After Canevari’s sudden passing in 2000, the Manomet Center created an award in his honor that recognizes and supports the work of Latin American individuals, institutions, and companies that exemplify his commitment to shorebird conservation. Winners of the biennial award receive a commemorative plaque and $2,000.


To learn more about Pablo Canevari, the award, and previous winners, please visit the Pablo Canevari Award webpage.


This story was adapted from an article published by WHSRN and written by Meredith Gutowski-Morehouse.


Photo by Patricia González.