Directly following Manomet’s Annual Meeting, we held a ceremony to thank Peter C. Bennett, Richard S. Chute and Nancy B. Soulette for their service to Manomet as Board members and to ‘cut the ribbon’ on our new accessibility project. Our Headquarters office building and banding lab are now more accessible to those with mobility needs.  Check out this video from PACTV showcasing our new additions:



Specific improvements include:

  • Office Building:
    • Providing a compliant front entryway with wall-mounted paddle switches and proper lighting and signage;
    • Installing an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible lavatory, toilet and baby-changing station on the main floor;
    • Creating an accessible indoor classroom where our existing library is located. The space will be furnished with audio-visual equipment, tables and chairs.

Banding Lab: An outdoor classroom space has been created to host groups averaging 30 people.


Garden for Wildlife: The outdoor classroom, HQ building and parking area have been made accessible via compliant compacted walkways with proper lighting. The parking area now includes compliant permeable parking surface and curbing with proper signage and lighting.


We have several parties to thank for being able to complete this project. In February 2015, Manomet was awarded a $120,000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Cultural Facilities Fund towards the Manomet Accessibility Improvement Project. Additional funding for the project came from an anonymous grant for $80,000 as well as nearly $50,000 in private donations.