As Manomet’s September 30th fiscal year-end approaches, the generosity of our donors has driven the Manomet Annual Fund toward the $1 million mark for the first time.


At its current pace, the organization could potentially beat the Annual Fund goal of $1,007,000 to support our scientists and their work. 


“Breaking the million dollar mark is a major milestone for Manomet,” said Carole Corriveau, Chief Development Officer.  “We are hopeful that everyone who has participated in our programs or learned something new through our publications will do their part in supporting Manomet.  Now is the time to really make a difference.”


Over the last twelve months, Manomet has launched innovative and scalable programs in shorebird conservation, environmental education, sustainable economies and forestry.


“To me, Manomet’s work represents hope. The hope that by working together, in the Manomet way, we can make real, tangible progress toward a more sustainable world,” said Dan Zibinskas.


For more information on how you can support Manomet, please call Carole Corriveau at 508-224-6521.


– Carole S. Corriveau