In 1972, newly minted Banding Director Trevor Lloyd-Evans was brainstorming ways to raise funds for the fledgling banding operation. Drawing on the traditions of his native Britain, Lloyd-Evans suggested a Bird-A-Thon.


More than four decades later, the Bird-a-Thon continues as one of the Manomet banding laboratory’s enduring traditions.


“We have had so many dear friends and esteemed colleagues take part in the Bird-A-Thon, it ties the years and the generations together,” Lloyd-Evans said. “It is a fun way to see some birds and support the banding program’s science and education goals.”


The two-day event, held on September 14-15, can be an individual pursuit, a group outing or even a team competition. Last year the Manomet teams recorded 162 different species. A close second, with 107 species, was a Utah-based team led by banding program alumnus Jason St. Sauver.


Bird-A-Thon participants ask family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to pledge a certain amount for each different species seen in a 48-hour period. The event has included expert birders and first time adventurers.


Banding program supporters who are not able to bird but still wish to contribute can sponsor the Manomet Teams (Duxbury or Intern Team) or make a straightforward donation. All contributions go directly to support Manomet’s research and conservation programs.


This year, anyone donating $100 or raising $100 in sponsorships will receive a limited edition Bird-A-Thon t-shirt.


Contact Johanna Lawrence at (508) 224-6521 or for more information.