It’s time to start thinking about the Climate Lab curriculum units! 

Greetings Climate Lab Participants! We hope you all had a long and restful winter break. Now is the time to start thinking about the Climate Lab curriculum units. If you haven’t already, please determine which curriculum you will be using and when you will start to implement it. Also, if you will be participating in the phenology calendar activity, we would love to know! We are still waiting on permissions and pre-tests from a few schools so please keep them coming!


As you know, we have been holding regular webinars as a way to connect to teachers both near and far. Participation has been fairly limited in our first three sessions and we would love to know what we can do to help make these webinars easier to attend. We have been able to record the webinars and have posted links to the videos on our web page. You can also view them via the Climate Lab YouTube channel (see below). Please view the videos of any webinars you were unable to attend.


Our next two webinars will be at 7PM January 27th and February 24th. January’s webinar will focus on relating Manomet’s research to the Climate Lab curriculum. Please note that while we are setting topics for each webinar as we see fit, we are open to your suggestions as to what topics you want covered. We were also toying with the idea of scheduling ‘office hours’ by request, where teachers and/or students can arrange a virtual meeting with Climate Lab scientists for a brief Q&A or presentation. Please let us know if you are interested in arranging such an event.


The Climate Lab YouTube Channel is live! Check it out here to view some video tutorials on field data collection or to catch up on the webinars you missed.


GPS units are here. We’ll be shipping them out soon to schools that requested them. We will also be producing some instructions on how to use them effectively for Climate Lab field work. These will be posted on the website soon so be sure to check for updates!


Please direct all questions and feedback to Evan Dalton at Manomet ( Thank you all for your continued support!


All the best,


The Climate Lab Team