On October 28th and 29th, Hurricane Sandy brought heavy winds and strong surf to the Manomet Center.


The storm made landfall in New Jersey on the 29th and inflicted heavy damage and more than 100 deaths in the region. Hurricane Sandy also prompted a nationwide conversation about the potential role of climate change in causing or magnifying the storm.


Manomet special scientist Hector Galbraith said that the storm is typical of what to expect in years to come. Only four days before the hurricane hit, Galbraith had delivered a talk in Boston on habitats that are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts.


“While we can’t say that Hurricane Sandy was created by climate change, we can say that Sandy is the type of storm that we can expect under climate change and that we can expect to see more of in the future,” Galbraith said in a conversation after the storm.


The Center escaped unscathed with no great damage or loss of power. Staff were safely back to work on the 30th and the Manomet banding station was back up and running at full strength after a day of repair and branch removal.


– Dave McGlinchey