Time is running out to help Manomet meet its 2017 Membership Challenge!

If you’ve ever thought about supporting Manomet and our work to create a more sustainable future, now is the perfect time.Our esteemed Trustee Molly Cornell has pledged a $5,000 gift to our Annual Fund if 100 new members/donors join Manomet before September 30, and we have almost reached our goal!

From now through Saturday, with the Membership Challenge, you can maximize your impact and help us….

Will your gift be the one that puts us over the top?

Support Manomet today by making a tax-deductible gift and help us forge a path to a sustainable tomorrow.

Your investment will help us apply science and engage people to sustain our world and will have an immediate impact on our work to transform the critical systems that support life.

With your help, we can continue to develop science-driven, practical solutions to complex problems and build relationships with those best positioned to make change.

Together, we can overcome any challenge and use science to create a sustainable world.

“I know we’re not going to solve all of the world’s problems in my lifetime, but I believe Manomet is on track to make a difference. That is why I give support. I’m in this for the long term.”

Molly Cornell