On November 29, Manomet President John Hagan gave a presentation in Boston on the challenges scientists face in a time of increasing polarization.


More than 35 people attended the program, including scientists from a variety of disciplines.


Hagan drew from his own personal experiences at Manomet with forestry, biomass energy and climate change to discuss why people filter information to suit their own agendas and how this works to impede problem solving. 


He emphasized the need for people with different views to work together on traditionally polarizing and contentious issues in order for progress to be made.


“You can’t solve complex problems just by working with like-minded people,” Hagan said. “You will inevitably run into other perspectives, so you should get them in the room early.”


This talk is the second installment of a new lecture series. The next talk will focus on restoring one of the world’s great fisheries, the waters of Downeast Maine. Fish stocks in Downeast Maine are at an all time low. A collaboration of local groups has joined forces to restore freshwater and marine ecosystems and the communities that depend on them.


Registration for that event — which will be at 5:30 pm on Jan 23 in Boston — is available at manometfisheries.eventbrite.com.


– Haley Jordan