With more than 36,000 stores nationwide, the environmental footprint of the grocery sector in the United States is huge.


To make the grocery sector more sustainable Manomet developed the nation’s first and only grocery sustainability system. The Manomet Grocery Stewardship Certification (GSC) is a practical, proven environmental certification program designed to help grocery store leaders reduce their environmental footprint through continuous improvement and employee engagement. This comprehensive online system is designed to provide store level accountability and consistency in managing sustainable practices and reducing the store’s environmental footprint. Achieving certification positively informs customers and community about the store’s sustainability commitment.


The GSC program provides grocers with a framework for systemizing sustainability practices at each participating store and gives you with an expert assessment of your work. The GSC measures and provides a store-by-store analysis of:

  • Waste Practices
  • Storm Water
  • Lighting Practices
  • Energy, Refrigeration, HVAC
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent)
  • Shipping Area
  • Sustainable Products
  • Green Chemical Management
  • Sustainable Administrative Practices
  • Employee Engagement
  • Sustainability Communication


More than 700 grocery stores are already enrolled in the GSC, making it the leading grocery sustainability program in the U.S.


Learn more about the program and find a certified store near you at www.grocerycert.org.