Launched in 2012, more than 640 grocery stores are already enrolled in Manomet’s Grocery Stewardship Certification (GSC) program—with 500 stores receiving certification—making it the leading grocery sustainability program in North America.

“Weis Markets has used the Grocery Stewardship Certification program to engage with our employees in new ways and as a tool to show our customers that we are always looking to adopt new sustainable practices.”

Patti Olenick, Sustainability Director, Weis Markets



The GSC helps grocery stores—one of the most energy intensive businesses in the commercial sector—save money and resources by increasing operational efficiencies. The program gives food retailers the tools to reduce overhead costs, save energy and water, boost employee engagement, and benchmark store performance without making major capital investments.

The GSC is delivering strong results for retailers enrolled in the program. Participating stores are finding that they’re saving an average of $69,000 annually through current operational sustainability measures! When it comes to specific resources, retailers enrolled are also annually saving an average of:

  • 113,000 lbs. Food Waste
  • 506,000 lbs. Recycled Waste
  • 172,000 kilowatts of Electricity
  • 1,000 MT of Greenhouse Gases
  • 170,000 gallons of Water

While there are several other programs that focus on the performance of certain ‘flagship’ stores, Manomet’s GSC program is the only sustainability certification program to reduce costs, engage employees, and boost energy efficiency in stores at any level. The GSC gives retailers the tools to:

  • Measure the monetary value of existing sustainability efforts chain-wide.
  • Ensure consistency and accountability at the store level for actions that reduce waste and save money.
  • Gain additional opportunities (up to $60,000 per store per year) to save money/resources and generate revenue.

Food retailers in 16 states and Canada are currently enrolled in the Grocery Stewardship Certification program with more on the way! Find out here if your local supermarket is part of the GSC here.