Manomet Staff

Despite the continuing restrictions due to COVID, most of our research and monitoring efforts have adapted and are continuing to move forward. Read on for some updates straight from Manomet’s science staff and learn more about their current work, research methods, and goals for the coming months and years.

Shorebirds and Aquaculture in Mexico

During shrimp harvest, aquaculture ponds provide important feeding sites for thousands of shorebirds in northwestern Mexico. In mid-2020, we evaluated the management of water levels in ponds harvested from two farms in the region, covering an area of 2,421 acres. During this period, we increased the amount of time these ponds held water after being harvested and observed that shorebirds used these ponds for a longer period of time compared to the other ponds. In workshops with our partners and stakeholders, we demonstrated that with a few simple measures, farmers can support bird conservation without affecting their production system. In 2020, our work was awarded a grant from Cornell University’s Coastal Solutions Fellows program, where we will implement during 2021-2022 some management measures in several farms in the Northwest region of Mexico.