Danielle Smaha

Director, Marketing and Communications

Brunswick, ME – October 8, 2019 – A Manomet scientist found the first recorded Smooth Mud Crab in Maine while doing research on quahog aquaculture last week. The Smooth Mud Crab, which has a native range from the Gulf of Mexico to Massachusetts’ Vineyard Sound, is commonly found in shallow coastal habitat and is known to prey upon juvenile oysters and other small invertebrates.

“After checking numerous sources, we believe this is the first recorded sighting of a Smooth Mud Crab in Maine,” said Dr. Marissa McMahan, Manomet’s Fisheries Division Director who found the crab in an oyster bag in the New Meadows River in West Bath, Maine. “The Smooth Mud Crab typically likes warmer waters than are found here. As the Gulf of Maine continues to warm, it’s important to be on the lookout for new emerging species, which could impact our shellfish ecosystems.”

“Compared to the crab species we would normally see in Maine, this crab has a very differently shaped abdomen, which gets narrow and then wider again,” said McMahan about how she identified the Smooth Mud Crab. “It also has much larger claw to body size ratio than the native and invasive crab species we have here. And it also has a two-tone coloration on its claws which is different from what we would typically see.”

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Danielle Smaha