Marissa McMahan

Senior Fisheries Scientist

Project Overview

As climate change continues to alter the abundance and distribution of invasive species, new strategies will need to be developed to mitigate the resulting ecological and socioeconomic impacts.

Manomet’s soft-shell green crab project aims to create a value-added product that would provide a new source of economic opportunity for fishers and coastal communities. Utilizing an invasive species to diversify fisheries resources may ultimately enhance the future resiliency of New England’s coastal communities, and could serve as a unique example of how to mitigate and adapt to the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of climate-driven change.

Developing a lucrative green crab fishery may aid in controlling population abundance while also deriving value from this invasive species. Manomet has partnered with local fishers to investigate the viability of a soft-shell green crab fishery in New England. We are using techniques adapted from the Venetian soft-shell crab fishery, which targets a closely related species, the native Mediterranean green crab (Carcinus aestuarii).