Danielle Smaha

Director, Marketing and Communications

From Block Island, Rhode Island, to Bristol, Maine, and beyond, Manomet’s fisheries team is making its mark this summer.

Summer is the season for soft-shell green crabs and provides a delicious way to promote new economic opportunity for New England fishermen. Outreach and awareness is an important key to developing a commercial market for the green crab.

At the end of June, Manomet hosted a green crab tasting in Bath, Maine, to kick-off the soft-shell season, followed by the first Green Crab Week, a restaurant week completely dedicated to the green crab harvest and soft-shell season. Green Crab Week took place July 15-21 in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire. Sponsored by ManometGreen Crab R&D, and New Hampshire Sea Grant, this week-long event gave the public a taste of innovative green crab dishes at New England and NYC restaurants, and educational opportunities on how to identify and prepare green crabs.

In The Guardian, Manomet’s Senior Fisheries Scientist Marissa McMahan brought international attention to the effects of climate change on the Gulf of Maine and how that allows green crabs to thrive. “We need to just fundamentally think differently about seafood and what we eat–and what is seafood and what’s good–because it’s changing. We’re going to have different things on our plate going forward,” said McMahan.