Although the migration season has come to a close, there is still plenty of nature to explore in our own backyards! We understand that it may be a little daunting to venture outside for a walk in the winter, and that’s why we are partnering with Wildlands Trust for a series of family nature walks in the Plymouth area in 2016.


During the next three months, we have three exciting walks that will be fun and informative for the whole family. 


Our first event will be a Full Moon Family Owl Prowl and will take place on Saturday, January 23, on Long Pond.  The event will include a short walk down to the shore of Long Pond. We will keep our eyes and ears peeled for owls and other nocturnal creatures. Owls are not guaranteed, but a lovely, moonlit walk is!


Our next event is a Winter Trees and Wildlife Tracks Family Nature Walk and will take place on President’s Day, Monday, February 15, at a Wildlands Trust Property. We hope this event will help your family kick off the start of February Vacation week with an informative nature walk. On our walk, we’ll learn how to identify local tree species by their bark and buds and look for tracks and other signs of animals.


The third event will be a Moonlight Walk for Woodcock on Saturday, March 26, at Wildlands Trust’s Great River Preserve. The American Woodcock acts as one of the first signs of warmer weather to come. Although they are actually shorebirds, the Woodcock displays in damp fields in the spring before nesting in the woods. The unique springtime display of the woodcock has earned it such colorful nicknames as ‘Labrador twister’ and ‘timberdoodle.’ What is this display like? You’ll just have to come on our walk to find out!


We hope to see you at one or more of our walks! Bringing people together to appreciate and understand nature is something that we are passionate about.


You can learn more about and register for our January walk today. If you would like any more information, please contact Manomet’s Landbird Conservation Lead Instructor Evan Dalton. Please share these programs with anyone else you think may be interested in joining us!