Are you looking for something to do on Columbus Day weekend?


Join Manomet aboard the Captain John and Son II, an 85’ whale watching vessel, for a half-day excursion to view whales, seabirds, seals, basking sharks and other unique coastal marine wildlife found in our New England waters.


The trip will take place on Saturday, October 12, from 9am – 1pm. The boat will depart from Plymouth, MA, and will sail toward Stellwagen Bank.


Two Manomet bird experts, Charles Duncan and Trevor Lloyd-Evans, will lead the trip. Duncan and Lloyd-Evans will speak about the wildlife seen from the boat and discuss the conservation challenges that many marine species face.


Lloyd-Evans is the director of Manomet’s landbird banding program, and Duncan is the director of the Shorebird Recovery Project. After 10 years at Manomet, Duncan says that he is “reconfiguring” his career at the end of October. This will be the last Manomet trip that Duncan will guide, so don’t miss this chance to spend a wonderful day out on the water and wish him farewell.


Stellwagen Bank is a National Marine Sanctuary best known for its 19 species of marine mammals including seals, harbor porpoises, dolphins and humpback whales. Humpbacks are known for their exciting breaches through flocks of scavenging seabirds.


Inshore, travelers can expect to see migrant shorebirds and post-breeding terns. Out on Stellwagen Bank, the trip might encounter Greater, Sooty and Manx Shearwaters, Leach’s Storm-Petrels and Northern Gannets, among other seabird species. 


The cost of the trip is $70 per person. To ensure spacious seating arrangements and rail space, the trip is limited to 80 participants.


Check-in is at 8:30am at the Plymouth Town Pier, just past the booth for Captain John Boats. Travelers can bring your own lunch or purchase a variety of hot and cold foods from the boat galley. 


To register to attend, click here.


Please contact Johanna Lawrence at 508-224-6521, ext. 237 or with any questions.