America depends on its landscapes for clean water, forest products, food, and wildlife habitat. Foresters and farmers tell us that droughts, floods, insects, fires, increased air temperature, and severe storms are changing their land. These climate changes will increase in the coming decades. Landowners can prepare for climate change, but they need help.


The Climate Smart Land Network is a voluntary, nationwide program to assist landowners in managing their land for climate resilience and cost savings. Manomet staff provides information and advice that can help landowners prepare for climate change. Landowners and managers of working forests, agriculture, and conservation lands (public and private) become registered by successfully completing a climate response “checklist.” Once registered, landowners remain registered for two years.


In four years, we will enroll 30‐million acres of forestland, farmland, and conservation land in the Network. The program will grow from there.


Visit the CSLN website and associated blog on climate smart forest management at