This Tuesday, you awoke to news that the Keystone XL Pipeline was struck down by the Senate.  The New York Times called this “a victory for the environmental movement.”  Last week, China jointly announced with the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions, and global climate negotiations are resuming in Lima, Peru, in less than two weeks.  It feels like the world is really starting to address climate change.  You are part of this new momentum.


As Newton put it, “Objects in motion tend to stay in motion,” and you can keep it going!


Manomet is moving forward with confidence: Preparing land managers for climate change, educating future generations, and working to restore the Gulf of Maine’s marine ecosystem—to call out just a few of our projects that are bringing us back into balance with nature.


Climate change and human consumption of our finite natural resources are two of the biggest challenges of our time, but they are not insurmountable—because of you. 


You are our linchpin.


By investing in Manomet, and making a donation to our Annual Fund, you are providing critical support to important initiatives. From shorebird conservation to climate change adaptation, and fisheries science to business sustainability tools, Manomet’s scientists are implementing innovative approaches to preserve and maintain the natural resources important to all of us.


We need to solve these problems together—we need you…and your family and friends, and their friends, and so on.    



We need you to propel us forward.  Please help us continue to make great progress in building a sustainable future now and for future generations by making a gift to our Annual Fund today


In hopes of inspiring you even more, the Board of Trustees have committed to increasing their Annual Fund giving to raise an additional $50,000 and establish the Manomet Trustee Challenge.  All new, or increased, Annual Fund gifts of $1,000 or more will be matched dollar for dollar.