Emergent awareness of the ecological consequences of climate change has created an urgent need to re-examine and refine approaches to the conservation of natural resources. Through the Climate Change Adaptation Project, Manomet scientists have developed climate change adaptation plans for eight landowner and landscape scale sites in Maine and Massachusetts. The plans were developed with funding from the Kresge Foundation over the course of three years. The project is intended to provide insight on approaches to climate change adaptation that maximize ecosystem resiliency. Manomet is continuing to build on this approach to respond to climate change and is expanding to a national scale through the development of the Climate Smart Land Registry.


For more information about this project, contact Eric Walberg at ewalberg@manomet.org.


Climate Change Adaptation Plans and Related Documents

Climate Change Adaptation Project Overview


Maine Sites

Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest

Maquiot Bay

Sagadahoc Region

Sebago Lake Watershed


Massachusetts Sites

Century Bog

River Run

Taunton River Watershed

Tidmarsh Farms


Sector-Specific Fact Sheets

Agricultural Lands

Conservation Lands

Forestry Lands

Residential Development


Other Topics

Clear Water Carbon Fund, A Payment for Ecosystem Services Approach to Addressing Climate Change

Integrating Climate-Smart Considerations into Policy and Regulatory Frameworks – Mainstreaming Climate Adaptation in the Northeastern US

Resources for Landowners and Communities to Implement Adaptation to Climate Change