Volunteers in Vermont planted the first Clear Water Carbon Fund trees earlier this month.

The plantings were in the White River Watershed and replaced trees removed during the cleanup from Tropical Storm Irene, which devastated areas of the state.


The Fund allows companies and individuals to mitigate their carbon footprint by purchasing trees that are then planted along deforested lake and riverbanks. The trees will protect clean water, provide habitat and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.


On May 2, Environmental Resource Management students from the Randolph Technical Career Center planted trees to stabilize river banks in Royalton, Vermont. On May 7, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students from Braintree Elementary School planted trees in the Royalton Bridge Access Area, along the main stem of the White River.


The area was deforested when a house was swept away by Irene and deposited on the site. The volunteers replanted the area Cottonwoods, Yellow Birch and Aspens.


For more information about Manomet’s Clear Water Carbon Fund, please visit www.clearwatercarbonfund.org.