Monica Iglecia

Assistant Director, Shorebird Habitat Management

Manomet’s Habitat Management Team collaborated with Nature Saskatchewan, the Chaplin Nature Centre, and the University of Saskatchewan to host a Shorebird Ecology, Conservation, and Habitat Management workshop in Chaplin, Saskatchewan in late May 2016. The workshop was held in close proximity to the Chaplin, Old Wives, Reed Lakes Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network Site of Hemispheric Importance. In addition to information sharing about shorebird ecology, identification, and habitat needs, the workshop facilitated regionally important discussions about the potential impacts of wind farms and industrial pollution on migratory and resident shorebirds.


Thirty-five workshop participants were in attendance representing all three Prairie Provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan). Participants included University professors and students as well as biologists and land managers from non-profits, provincial, and federal agencies, and private consultants.

Read Tim Poole’s, Manitoba Important Bird Area Program Coordinator, workshop summary blog post here.