Join us in congratulating Andy Whitman, Director of our Sustainable Economies program, for his 25 years of science, research and leadership at Manomet!

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Some of you may have known Andy from the beginning of his time at Manomet or have worked with him more recently. “Andy has been a huge asset to Manomet for 25 years,” says Manomet President John Hagan. “He’s always able to see the connection between our projects on the ground and larger forces at work in society and the world.  Plus, he’s just a great field biologist and scientist.  We’ve done a lot of field work together, from the forests of Belize to the North Woods of Maine.”

Andy has worked on sustainable systems here at Manomet for more than two decades, focusing on tools and partnerships that foster sustainability. He has worked in forestry, agriculture, the food industry and with small businesses to find innovative ways to scientifically measure and achieve sustainability. His work has included partnerships with Ben and Jerry’s, Cabot Creamery, Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo and Company, 7-Islands Corporation, The Innovation Center for Dairy, Irving Woodlands Corporation, ME Businesses for Sustainability, MA Food Association, MA Dairy Promotion Board, Plum Creek Timber Company, and the States of Maine, Michigan, Oregon and Vermont.

Thank you, Andy, for all of your important work here at Manomet!