Thank you, Bird-A-Thoners: on Saturday, October 14, so many of you got out and counted birds by sight or sound for the communal Manomet Bird-a-Thon list. We exceeded our goal of 400 species counted globally. The final results are impressive: participants submitted 142 checklists and observed the aforementioned 661 species, a figure that’s a whopping 277 more than last year (if anyone’s counting, and we are!).

We also had an amazing geographical representation, with birders logging lists for Manomet in Argentina, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Israel, Nicaragua, Paraguay, as well as the United States. Manomet staff hosted Bird-A-Thon events in locations from as close as our backyard (the bluff at Manomet HQ) to as far away as Argentina. Cool and unusual highlights included a Big Sit during the solar eclipse in Texas and birding by both horseback and kayak in South America.

Thank you to everyone who joined the excitement of the day – it’s amazing to think about all of the Manomet friends, staff, and alumni birding at the same time. If you want to explore the data and look at all the checklists and locations, check out the BAT Trip Report here.