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Please join Amplify the Future and Manomet for a very special event to celebrate Black Birders Week and the work being done to combat racism. On Thursday, June 3, 2021, from 8-10:00 p.m., we will be hosting a screening of the film The Falconer, followed by an opportunity to hear directly from master falconer Rodney Stotts, the film’s protagonist. The film screening and session with Rodney Stotts will take place on Zoom.

This intimate portrait film follows master falconer Rodney Stotts on his mission to build a bird sanctuary and provide access to nature for his stressed community. The Falconer weaves Rodney’s present-day mission with the story of his past, both of which are deeply rooted in issues of social and environmental injustice, and consistently orient the viewer to his worldview: nature heals. The Falconer captures beauty and hope in a forgotten corner of our nation’s capital, as Rodney takes the time to break through to those too often dismissed as “hard to reach”. This is a story of second chances: for injured birds of prey, for an abandoned plot of land, for a group of teenagers who have dropped out of high school, and for Rodney himself.