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The Magellanic Plover, one of the rarest shorebirds in the world, is an enigmatic shorebird of the Patagonian steppe, that gathers in winter at just a few coastal estuaries in southern Argentina. Long considered to have a population in the low thousands, recent surveys by Ambiente Sur and Centro de Rehabilitación de Aves Leñadura with the support of Manomet have revealed the population to be fewer than 500 birds.

Join Germán Montero (Ambiente Sur), and Rob Clay (Manomet’s Vice President of Flyways) to learn about efforts to save critical habitats for the species and recover its population. Germán Montero is the Executive Director and a founding member of Ambiente Sur, a leading Argentine conservation organization, and long-term partner of Manomet and the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network. For more than 20 years Germán has spearheaded efforts to conserve the unique biodiversity of southern Patagonia, promoting the protection and safeguarding of critical habitats, raising awareness to conserve species and sites, and building networks of partner organizations, including through the Patagonian Network of Urban Reserves. He has a degree in environment management and is a specialist in communications for conservation.

Coffee and tea will be provided. Register to attend in-person or virtually. Registration is required.