Can you ID this bird? If you attend Birding 101, you will be able to!


Take your birding to the next level with this informative and interactive class!


Cost: $25; ages 14 and up.


Birding is rapidly growing in popularity, and why shouldn’t it be? Birds are everywhere and anyone can go out looking for them. If you’ve been toying with the notion of birding, but are overwhelmed by the initial hurdle of getting out there or even if you have been birding for years, but want to take your birding to the next level, this class is for you! Through a series of activities, you’ll learn how to use key birding tools like field guides, binoculars, online resources, and apps.


Led by Manomet’s Evan Dalton, you’ll practice essential skills of bird identification and observation. You’ll also learn basics of bird biology that will greatly enhance your ability to find and identify birds! Bring binoculars and your favorite field guide (if you have one).