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The tiny Red Knot has captured the hearts of many nature lovers. It is most famous for its amazing 30,000 kilometers (or more than 18,000 miles) annual migration, but there are many more reasons to love a Red Knot.

Red Knots

As part of a celebration of World Shorebirds Day, you are invited to attend ‘A Year in the Life of a Red Knot.’  RSVP today to join an international collection of partners for this webinar and learn about Red Knot migration and the people and places they encounter on their long journey!

Through this webinar, you’ll fly with the Red Knots from the central Arctic to the southern tip of Chile, with a few stops in-between. With ‘Rufus the Red Knot’ as our guide, you’ll also learn about the threats facing Red Knots along their long journey, how scientists track Red Knots and other shorebirds, and the habitats and food sources these birds need to survive.

Register now to join this fun and educational conversation about Red Knots at 7:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, September 7th! Translation to French, Spanish, and Portuguese will be available.