Climate Services


Manomet believes people can best address climate change by capitalizing on the multiple benefits provided by intact, healthy ecosystems. 


Climate change is adversely impacting human wellbeing and the ecosystems on which we depend. Maximizing the resilience and benefits provided by natural systems is a critical component of minimizing climate change related impacts such as global warming, biodiversity loss, water quality degradation, sea level rise, and related economic damage.



Manomet scientists work to identify the most effective and promising solutions to climate change by synthesizing the rapidly evolving research on the interplay between climate change and natural systems. Through engagement with a diverse set of stakeholders including corporations, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and private landowners we put this knowledge into practice and implement the best solutions. ​.



Science: We use an interdisciplinary approach to develop management guidance that is based on the latest scientific advances.


Partnerships: We engage a broad set of stakeholders that have the ability to implement natural system-based methods of climate change adaptation and mitigation.  


Management Practices: We implement solutions that benefit both natural systems and our stakeholders, taking into account both the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. 

Current Projects