This spring, help us advance our fieldwork and scientific research across the Western Hemisphere–with a special bonus

Manomet’s Board of Trustees, Councilors, and other generous donors have established a one-time “Strategic Launch Fund” to grow our program work, and we want to give YOU a say in how we allocate an extra $25,000.

One Manomet initiative, determined by a voting process, will receive a bonus award of $25,000. You get to help decide which one “wins” this funding–will it be our work in Flyways, Resilient Habitats, Environmental Education and Outreach, or Climate Change?

Follow the steps below to support Manomet’s Annual Fund and vote for your favorite initiative:

  1. Select which program area you’d like to vote for.
  2. Make a donation to Manomet. A gift of any amount will count as a vote!
  3. Encourage your friends and family to join you in voting for your favorite initiative. But don’t delay; voting closes at midnight on May 31!


Our Flyways program, home to the executive office of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN), partners with local stakeholders to protect shorebird habitats across 100+ key sites in North and South America, monitors shorebird populations through the International Shorebird Survey, works with farmers in agriculture and aquaculture to guide land management with shorebirds in mind, and more.

Vote for Flyways


Resilient Habitats

Our Resilient Habitats program, which includes our fisheries division, works to reshape coastlines to provide new habitat for shorebirds, creates wildlife beach zones and educates communities on how they can engage with conservation, collaborates with farmers and fishers from historically-underserved communities to create habitat management plans that benefit all people and wildlife, and more.

Vote for Resilient Habitats


Environmental Education & Outreach

Our Environmental Education & Outreach program, which includes the Banding Lab, creates learning opportunities for students to engage in bird banding and ecological monitoring, develops classroom and virtual curricula that provide students with hands-on science activities to boost interest and entry into STEM career paths, works to increase diversity and belonging within conservation and bird research, and more.

Vote for Education


Climate Change

Our Climate Change initiative studies how warming oceanic waters are impacting the distribution of species, partners with commercial forest landowners and timber companies to guide forest management according to “climate smart” principles, works to understand how climate change contributes to coastal change and erosion, studies how a warming climate is shifting insect prey abundance for shorebirds in the Arctic, and more.

Vote for Climate


More ways to give

Your generosity helps us find science-based solutions to the challenges we face to create a more resilient and sustainable world.