Applying science and engaging people to sustain our world

At Manomet we believe people can live and work today in ways that will enable our world to thrive and prosper tomorrow.


As scientists we understand we must take action to sustain our world.


By applying science and engaging people, Manomet provides practical ways to act—where people live and work. How we manage the critical systems that support life on earth will need to be transformed in the next two decades.  Manomet works on four major life-supporting systems: natural, forest, food, and economic.


We  focus our work on the parts of the system where we can have measurable impact and opportunity for scale. We effect meaningful change by engaging the people who manage these systems.




We work on parts of the natural system that are declining dramatically—wetlands and shorebird species—and through landbird research and education to create opportunities that connect people to nature.


We work on managed forest landscapes and coastal watersheds because they present a great opportunity for climate change adaptation and mitigation.


We work on the parts of the food system that use the most resources—grocery stores and agriculture—and on fisheries to create a more efficient food system.


We work on the parts of the economic system where small changes have a big impact and therefore present the greatest opportunity to enhance economic viability and reduce footprints across all systems.