April has been an exciting month for Manomet’s Sustainable Economies Program as two partners received recognition for their contributions towards creating a more sustainable future. We are extremely proud of each individual listed below and are honored to be working with such innovative and committed leaders.


Source Awards Winners:


The Source Awards is a new Maine-based platform that recognizes people and organizations that are moving their communities towards greater sustainability. The Awards recognized eight different people that are working across the state of Maine—from farms to grocery stores to working waterfronts—to make change happen. Two of the winners, Kasey Harris and Robin Alden, are Manomet partners who work with us to create practical solutions for industries that are not traditionally recognized for their contributions to our sustainability. Learn more about the Awards and the winners here.


Kasey Harris:


Photo by Gordon Chibroski


Kasey is a member of Hannaford’s sustainability team who has been working with Manomet’s Grocery Sustainability Certification (GSC) program for the last two years. She is the recipient of Source’s Pollinator Award for her role in Hannaford’s leadership in grocery store sustainability. From LED lights to responsible seafood, Hannaford has adopted and embraced sustainability from the ground up. As GSC’s Program Leader Peter Cooke said, “Hannaford is definitely a leader in the country for managing sustainability across a very large number of stores.”




Robin Alden:

Photo by Kevin Bennett


Robin is the Executive Director of the Penobscot East Resource Center (PERC), which works to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities in eastern Maine and beyond. She is the recipient of Source’s Innovator Award for her work bridging the gap among fishermen, scientists and managers. She has shown that creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation and giving fishermen a bigger role in management and more responsibility for stewardship, fisheries outcomes improve. Alden and PERC work with Manomet as a part of the Downeast Fisheries Partnership, a collaboration of people and organizations, each with a role to play in restoring fisheries, who are working together to ensure that the communities of eastern Maine can sustain themselves forever by fishing.