The Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation launched a study this week to assess Hurricane Sandy’s impact on coastal bird habitat.


“This is an important opportunity to understand how this historic storm has affected current and future generations of birds,” said Stephen Brown, director of the Shorebird Science Division at Manomet’s Shorebird Recovery Project.


Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey on October 29th but the storm was so large that high winds and storm surges extended far up and down the East Coast.


Under the contract, Manomet will work with the Foundation to coordinate a regional assessment of the impact on coastal shorebird, waterbird, and waterfowl populations and their habitats and food resources. Manomet scientists will gather information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other state and federal partners.


The work will be led by the Shorebird Science Division of Manomet’s Shorebird Recovery Project (SRP).


– Dave McGlinchey