Jon Nash, Manomet friend and Co-chair of the Councilors, passed away unexpectedly on February 13, 2015, at the age of 49.  


Jon was committed to living sustainably and was a great steward of our natural world.  A role model and leader in the community, Jon worked personally and professionally to protect our ecosystem and lived his life appreciating the beauty of the land and ocean every day. He was an avid outdoorsman and took great pleasure in helping other people connect to, and learn about, nature. 


For Manomet, and other organizations he held dear, Jon was the consummate networker.  He found joy in connecting people both to be helpful, and because he was so deeply interested in people.  One could say that Jon did not have acquaintances, only friends. 


Because of Jon’s enthusiasm and love of life, you couldn’t help but feel your own energy rise anytime you were near him.  Manomet is fortunate to have benefited from Jon’s marketing savvy, introductions, generosity and leadership.  He will be greatly missed.