Monica Iglecia is a scientist with a personal passion for ensuring that shorebirds have the habitat they need to survive their ancient migrations and thrive for centuries to come. She was recently selected as an Independent Sector 2014 American Express NGen Fellow. This fellowship celebrates emerging nonprofit and philanthropic leaders under the age of 40.


“I have always been interested in bird conservation and have a special place in my heart for shorebirds,” explained Monica. “Manomet has a legacy of international shorebird conservation and our Shorebird Recovery Program (SRP) is well known for its leadership role in the field. Manomet’s programs (including Sustainable Economies, Connecting to Nature, Climate Services, and Shorebird Recovery) employ a valuable diversity of skill sets to help solve some of the most challenging issues of our time. Working for an organization that is committed to conducting and using the best available science to inform conservation actions is something I am extremely proud to be a part of.”


Monica joined our SRP staff in August of 2014 as the Assistant Director of the Shorebird Habitat Management program.  In this role, she helps lead the Habitats for Shorebirds Project to meet the goal of enhancing 500,000 acres of habitat for shorebirds on public and privately-owned land over the next four years.  Monica works with national wildlife refuges, state wildlife management agencies, farmers, and private organizations to incorporate shorebird habitat needs into land management practices.  By conducting workshops that teach shorebird biology, wetlands management, and conservation strategies, Monica and the SRP staff are building professional relationships that can lead to long-term technical advisement and the implementation of management practices to benefit shorebird populations throughout the Western Hemisphere.  


Monica works out of Golden, Colorado, allowing her to connect and work with a wide array of conservation partners in the West.  She thinks that by having SRP staff working remotely at sites in North and South America, Manomet has a unique hemispheric perspective, as well as the ability to employ an inspiring group of staff with a wealth of expertise and experience.



For the next year, Monica and the rest of the NGen Fellows will have the opportunity to collaborate with other young talented leaders in the nonprofit sector, build leadership skills, and engage in group-led projects that will help move the needle on sector-wide issues. Monica is excited about what she will learn and accomplish in the year ahead.