Three and a half years into my tenure at Manomet, I read the content of this magazine and am blown away. I can feel the energy of each and every colleague. Today, our work is matching the urgency of the challenges we are facing in our natural world. Our scientists across the organization and the hemisphere are tirelessly doing research and monitoring on the ground to determine how to manage rapidly changing ecosystems, how to restore shorebird populations, and how to expose new and curious young minds to the magic of nature.

Manomet Fall 2023 Magazine
Manomet Fall 2023 Magazine

We are working faster than ever and asking more questions so we can deliver reliable and real-time science to manage coastal resilience, habitats, and species. And as we work to collect data and analyze it along with our current generation of partners, we are also committed to engaging the next generation of scientists. You’ll see that we have launched a new activity page for mini scientists — we hope you share it with your own kids and grandkids.

And, in service of experiencing science and nature up close: if you live near Plymouth, we invite you to walk the brand-new nature trail at Manomet Headquarters, recently dedicated to our founder Kathleen (Betty) Anderson. It’s a true testament to her legacy of encouraging inquisitive minds, both young and seasoned. And if you’re not close, take a moment to hop on our website or facebook and instagram channels to connect with us online — we post about new initiatives or interesting species spotted, including the Western Tananger sighted in early November, and enjoy hearing feedback about your own destinations and discoveries.

Whether you’re preparing for winter in the northern hemisphere or spring in the southern, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season, and thank you, as ever, for being a part of our work!

Elizabeth Schueler
President, Manomet